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YL-Impeller aerator

  • YL-Impeller aerator
  • YL-Impeller aerator
  • YL-Impeller aerator
YL-Impeller aerator
  • Technical Parameters

The main purpose of the aerator is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and change the water quality in the fish pond, prevent the death of the fish floating head, increase the breeding density, and increase the growth of the fish, which can achieve the purpose of high yield. This machine is compact in structure, reliable and durable, low power consumption, and strong in aeration capacity. The 1.5Kw impeller aerator has been rated as a famous-brand product in Guangdong Province and a famous-brand product in China.

 型號 type 

 功率 power 3千瓦(kw)
 葉輪直徑 impeller diameter 730毫米(mm)
 葉輪轉速 impeller speed 138轉/分(rpm)
 增氧能力 kg(O2)/h 千克(氧)/小時 ≥4.5
 電源 power supply 三相380V(3-phase AC 380V)