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YC-1.8 Waterwheel type aerator

  • YC-1.8 Waterwheel type aerator
YC-1.8 Waterwheel type aerator
  • Technical Parameters

This machine is mainly used for aquaculture aerobic operations. The six impellers are separately placed on both sides of the main engine gearbox. It has good stability and strong aeration ability. It can effectively increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and improve the water quality, forming a directional flow for fish, The growth of shrimp eels creates a good water environment. This machine is made of engineering plastics and stainless steel, suitable for seawater and freshwater aquaculture.

 Model YC-1.8
 Power 1.8(kw)
 Impeller diameter 638(mm)
 Impeller speed 107(rpm)
 Aerating capacity 

2.3  kg(O2)/h

 Number of impellers 6
 Power source3-phase 380V